Twitter Expert Connect reflection

In Digital Citizen class, we had a two months long project named Twitter Expect Connect. Like the name suggest, the goal of this project was to connect with Experts through Twitter, in our chosen area of interest. My area of interest in this project was sports medicine.

For this project, we were asked to find 10 experts/professors/authors in our chosen field of interest.  But I was only able to find 6. Who were Lee Kaplan MD, Michael Baraga, Dr. Marvin K Smith, Dr. Stephen N Henry  and Mike Hugh. I added these expert to my list and followed. To my disappointment, for some of those experts, many of their were related to the group they were working with and only a few posts were really focused on the sports medicine. Lee Kaplan MD and Michael Baraga.

All the 6 experts I found related to my topic by being in one way or another specialized the in subject. Their specialties ranged from how to have a fast recovery rate to how to reduce the risk of injuries, while practicing a sport. I requested what other benefits does running has aside from making a person more fit? Which good book on sports medicine would you recommend to someone like me who knows nothing on the subject?

The when I was asking my very first question to my experts, I would formulate it this way I asked the questions was by first greeting the person and continue by saying, “I am interested in the topic of ….. and it would really help me if you could answer my question. ………? The questions I asked where not related to my genius hour topic so, they would not help me in any way in that project.

For me, the first part of this project was really bad. I wasn’t able to find 10 experts, professors or authors and found only 6. Out of all the 6 experts, I only asked a question to 3 of them and couldn’t find 3 more questions to asked the other 3. Out of the 3 experts to whom I asked my questions, none of the answered. In my opinion, the experts were never interested in me in the first place even though it was a part of it was my fault for not twitting to them because none of their posts at that time were really connected to my topic.





Genius Hour Reflection

In Digital Citizen we had a clash project named Genius hour Project. In this project, we had to choose a topic and create a research question based on that topic. For this first Genius Hour project, it didn’t have to be related to something that could help the Earth.

For this project, my topic was air pollution. I chose this topic because I was interested in air pollution. My research question for my genius hour project  was: What is the ozone layer and how can we best preserve it?

I have learned that man made chemicals called Chlorofluorocarbons, halon and other ozone depleting substances used in foaming agents, fire extinguishers, solvents and  coolants, can stay intact for years and move in the troposphere until they reach the stratosphere and are broken down by the UV rays and release bromine and chlorine which deplete the ozone layer. One chlorine/bromine molecule and deplete one hundred thousand ozone molecules. Destroying it faster than it can regenerate.

I also learnt the consequences of those chemicals being released. Each year, a seasonal hole can be seen during winter and spring. The decrease of the ozone layer also means that move UV rays reach Earth. Too much exposure may result in skin cancer and crop damages.

One of the main actions being taken to stop this was the signing of a treaty by the United States and 42 other nationsIt stipulates that the CFC’s production will be cut to half , they stopped the production of Halons 1211 and 1301. 

These ozone depleting gases are human made. They destroy the ozone layer 8 to 40 times faster than CFCs .

Learning all these made me be grow as a student by raising my awareness on the problem of air pollution and the consequences of it. If it continuous at this rate, soon enough there will be no more ozone layer meaning no more protection from UV rays.

What I learned could help the world by raising awareness on the huge problem that is air pollution. Many people don’t realize it. By raising awareness on this problem, on the long term, we could reduce the rate at which the ozone layer is being depleted.

My topic for the next Genius Hour project is what are the most effective ways to reduce air pollution, while promoting the businesses that cause it. What I would learn in the next Genius Hour will help the world by finding ways to reduce the pollution that industries cause but still promoting it. This way, the industries will still produce the same amount of goods, but in a cleaner way. Toxic gases from industries and other sources go up in the sky and forms clouds. When it rains instead of it being normal rain, it is acid rain that falls. This acid rain kills the plants and animals.


Here is the link to my presentation


Free choice

For people using the Wii, and are having trouble doing the last special move. For this move, if even though you do the movement you miss it. Special move

Don’t try doing as it is shown in the picture above. Instead, do it as it is shown in the picture below. (It actually helped me get it)


Last special move (YEAH)

Zoom Out


  • Choose an image( it should be creative commons licenced)
  • Invite your readers to zoom out and to write in a comment what could be a possible story
  • The person that wants to continue it has to read all the previous comments
  • The story has to have a sense

Poem on lighting


Light and volcanic eruptions

Two natural forces

Two powerful forces.

Everywhere they strike.

Devastation occurs.

Difficult but not impossible to predict.

Arduous but not impossible to survive.

And these are only two.

Among the numerous powers of nature.




Fire Experiment

Equipment needed

Butane gas

Distilled water

Aluminium plate

dish washing liquid

Experiment: create a flammable substance that burn for some seconds and that doesn’t hurt your hand. By lighting it with a march.

Scientific Questions: Does the amount of dish washing liquid affect the flammability of the substance

IV: Amount of dish washing liquid

DV: The temperature of the fire

Controlled Variable: Amount of Butane gas and dish washing liquid




Table of result




Conclution: Based on my data I can conclude that the amount of dish washing liquid effect the intensity of the flame because when we put no soap or 10 ml of soap the fire lasted 5 sec and was 25 degrees Celsius while when we put 50 ml of dish washing liquid the fire lasted 1 sec and was 29.1 degrees Celsius



Dark and light

Research question:  Where will our plant grow better : 24 hours light, 24 hours dark or 12 hours light. and pitch darkness

IV: The place the plant grew in

DV: How far the plant grew

Controlled variable: The plants in 24 hours light and 12 hours light didn’t grew

Discuss how to improve it:

Data: The plants in 24 hours and 12 hours light didn’t grew while he one in 24 hours dark grew abundantly.

The longest one in the dark grew about 12 cm

Conclusion Based on74609416307067422356 my data I can conclude that plants with no light faster than plants with sunlight because they need to get it or they would die out. Plants with better sunlight grow better and stronger